Sirocco Range

Description: Sirocco range is dedicated to first responding teams: firefighters, NGOs, natural catastrophe but also police checkpoints, army camps, and logistics. Their Safety range offers an homogenous light which is 360° diffuse, glare free and with no shadow. Powerful, our lighting balloons can light up to 22,500 m² in 2 minutes for a safe working environment.


Field Hospital – Intensive Care Unit / ICU 3:1

Description: Module with double-sided expandable shelter designed for three or four patients, who are at intensive medical care in the first moments after the operation or in the life-threatening situation.

Field Hospital – Operation Room Module 3:1

Description: Module with double-sided expandable shelter (surface 25 m2). Sides can be extended manually or electrically. The technical section on the backside. Possibility of using the second operating table. The construction of the module allows fixing modalities inside the unit for transport.

Field Hospital – Tent 30 / 45 / 60 m2

Description: An inflatable tent is made of UV resistant fabric. It’s waterproof, mold/mildew resistant and flame resistant. It can be installed using manual or electric pumps. Optionally available with the system which automatically maintains the chamber pressure. Standard and optional features: • external sun protection • double skin tent • windows in the tent • interior lighting system • air conditioning and heating • hard floor

Mobile Hospitals Systems

Description: ALVO Mobile Hospital provides a whole solution for mobile hospital facilities in solid and climate-controlled units. As an autonomous installation, it provides a compact environment that will be the equivalent to a hospital in case of emergency or disaster. These mobile hospitals are quickly set-up to provide fast relief to the community. Multiple modular units can be assembled by sets of corridors and act as a cohesive unit. 1. Operating room 2. Intensive care unit (ICU) 3. Sterilization 4. Preparation rooms 5. Connection tent 6. Emergency room 7. Reception/Triage 8. Sanitary 9. Pharmacy 10. Laboratory 11. Nurses station 12. Patient wards 13. Laundry 14. Power supply 15. Fresh water and waste water unit 16. Storage 17. Logistic containers The modules can be also used as: radiology suite, mortuary, a station for medical gases distribution, kitchen unit.

Byrne Technical Services - Spacemaker


Description: Able to be deployed in just 20 minutes, our non-mechanical RapidSpace shelter system is suitable for implementation in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or crisis, for example as a hospital or as an initial military camp set up. Our traditional base camps/disaster shelters can be quickly supplied anywhere in the world, either as flat packs or as fully assembled modules.


Description: Our flat-pack modular cabins are a quick and cost effective solution for almost any purpose. The dimensions are designed for transportability (road, sea and air), while providing versatility in design. With very little erection time required for each module, flat-pack modular cabins are an ideal choice for urgent projects with logistical difficulties.

Chuangsheng Stainless Steel Co. Ltd

ICRC Kitchen Set

Description: 38 pieces of Kitchen Set

Dawson Group

Temp°store 10

Description: The Temp°store 10 is the smallest and most innovative of the Temp°store inflatable storage range. With a uniquely designed floor that acts as transport case as well as a thermal insulated floor the Temp°store 10 offers 10m/sq of usable floor space, which equates to 6 euro pallets. The unit can chill +2°C to +8°C in an ambient up to +50°C and can be setup in less than an hour after being delivered. In addition the modular design allows for up to three units to be linked together, providing a total storage of 18 euro pallets.

Temp°store 26

Description: The Temp°store 26 is the larger of the two Temp°store products, offering a temperature control between +2°C to +8°C and a total storage capacity of 24 Euro pallets, allowing fully laden forklift access. Thanks to it’s modular design, three units can be linked together to provide a total storage of 72 euro pallets. One receivership it takes only 4 hours to unpack and be ready to receive products.

Fonto de Vivo


Description: Ultrafiltration household water filter. Designed with the support of the main French NGOs. Made in France to cover emergencies, recovery and development set-up. Reparable, recyclable, low cost, high efficiency. Last years without electricity and need of cartridge.

NRS Relief FZE

Viva Family Tent

Description: Family tent for 5 people: Waterproof, Rotproof, UV-stabilized and fire-retardant depending on standard. Options include UNHCR Standard, ICRC/IFRC Standard, DFID/ Save the Children Standard. Total living area: 23sqm

Legend Tent

Description: Multipurpose tents which can be used for schooling, office, health center, storage or temporary shelter purposes and attached to one another to make longer structures. Additional options for ground sheets, inner liners and shade covers depending on usage and climate.


Description: Our Rexhall series are durable mobile storage units designed to withstand high winds and are waterproof, rot proof and UV-stabilized. Rexhall are used by WFP, IFRC/ICRC, UNICEF & UNHCR and come in a range of sizes from 52-360sqm. They can be branded are designed for fast setup.

Solar Shelter Kit

Description: Solar powered lamp, torch and USB charger, our solar shelter kit is compatible with any shelter and user-friendly. The lamp is waterproof and last for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Expected life cycle is 3 years or 800 cycles.


Sawyer SP180 Water Filter Kit

Description: The Sawyer SP180 water filter kit includes a 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter, with all the attachments needed to attach it to a plastic bucket or poly tank container to create a gravity flow system for individual family use or larger setting. The flow rate is nearly 1 liter per minute. The filter can be cleaned, and has been documented as providing daily water for 10 years or more with no replacement parts.

Shree Balaji Woollen Mills

Assorted Fleece Blankets

Description: Can be customized as per Client Requirements in terms of Color, Weight and Size.

IOM Fleece Blanket

Description: Grey Color, 150 cm X 200 cm

UKAID Fleece Blanket

Description: Navy Blue Color, 150 cm X 200 cm

UNHCR Fleece Blanket

Description: Grey Color, 150 cm X 200 cm, Medium Thermal Blanket

UNICEF Fleece Blanket

Description: Grey Color, 150 cm X 200 cm, Medium Thermal Blanket