How does it work?

Step 1 – Apply & Qualification

To be part of DIHAD Match & Meet Program, you will need to register your interest. If you are eligible for the program, our team will send you an email notifying that you’ve been accepted and how you continue with your registration.

Step 2 – Pre-scheduled meeting agenda

Once your registration process is completed, our DIHAD Hub team will organize your pre-scheduled one to one meetings with DIHAD exhibitors based on your business interests and required products.

Step 3 – Additional Meetings

After your tailored diary has been created, you can than setup additional meetings with our many exhibitors.

Step 4 – Onsite

Arrive Dubai, hotel check in, transfer to onsite, access the exclusive DIHAD Hub where you join a world full of business networking and unique visiting experience.

For DIHAD Hub registration , please contact:

Hesham Soliman

Buyers Program Manager
Direct: +971 4 520 8934 | Mob: +971 50 7861 847

For exhibition inquires, please contact:

Jennie Robin

Business Development Manager
Direct: +971 4 520 8875 | Mob: +971 50 349 6559