“DIHAD brings together leading humanitarian agencies and organizations to convene and exchange their experiences, to discuss key humanitarian issues, and to highlight the most important challenges facing crisis-stricken countries.”

H.E Ibrahim Bumelha
Cultural & Humanitarian Advisor of – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice President- Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est.
Chairman of the Higher Committee – DIHAD
Chairman of DISAB

“DIHAD has grown into an event of global importance, bringing together international organizations, governments, think tanks, universities and businesses working in the humanitarian and development field all over the world.”

H.E António Guterres
United Nations Secretary General

“A lot of good customer meetings and getting an insight into the markets.”

Bart Van Ouytsel
EVP Business Development
W. Giertsen Energy Solutions AS

“It is a venue to meet with suppliers who have specialized products that is of interest to humanitarian operations.”

Christiane Blessing-Win
Senior Regional Supply Coordinator

“DIHAD is an event that brings together many different countries, where we can meet common people and help them understand the region and engage with global organizations. DIHAD is strategically placed in Dubai where people from around the world with diverse cultures work together, making it the hub for active humanitarian activities.”

Sean Lawrie
Director The Start Network

“DIHAD is more than just a “talk-shop” for global leaders. Uniquely, it facilitates learning through multiple opportunities for dialogue, training, networking, and hands-on displays of technologies and information.”

Ambassador William Lacy
Swing of the United States