What To Expect At DIHAD 2018?

DIHAD 2018 Conference will attempt to answer the question of how we can do (even) better in terms of humanitarian assistance with the resources in hand.

Moreover, we will have six individual sessions dealing with how best to deal with requirements in protracted emergencies; how to innovatively identify and use additional resources; how to develop and implement more appropriate methodologies and enhance resilience; and how to enhance the required collaboration among humanitarian aid and development actors, in context with those involved in conflict prevention; and how to make full use of new technologies.

We will also discuss the moral, ethical and political considerations in humanitarian aid and lastly, in a special session, we will review the outcomes to date of the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit.

At DIHAD 2018, we will capitalise on past achievements and existing partnerships in our attempt to arrive at a number of constructive conclusions. It is hoped that these will usefully contribute to those imminent global discussions on best practices in the realm of humanitarian assistance and development.

Why Attend?

  • Establish new ideas and approaches that make you a more effective and efficient humanitarian actor
  • Meet top humanitarian leaders, experts and influencers face to face
  • Mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.
  • Break out of the office and site in a knowledge space that can spark fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Be in a room of like minded people
  • Invest in yourself
  • Plan your next fun & business retreat ,Dubai is a unique destination that is both a dynamic business center and a tourist paradise.

“In the humanitarian world, innovation translates into a better service for people who rely on our support. DIHAD conference is an excellent opportunity for us to explore best practices ,seek innovative opportunities and call them to life.”

Garry Conille
UNDP Resident Representative and United Nations Resident coordinator