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Water from the Air, an innovative way to provide drinkable water.

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Veragon Srl is a pioneer in the environmentally friendly “Air to Water” sector, having developed products which convert the humidity within the air into clean mineralised drinking water, on a commercial scale.

The business founder and CEO, Dr Alessio Lucattelli , started developing the concept in 2009 mindful of the fundamental shortage of clean drinking water and the forecasts of population growth impacting this dwindling resource. The objective was to develop self-generated high quality mineralised drinking water at a low cost without the inflexible infrastructure required to source water from existing sources, and also to mitigate the high cost and environmental impact of bottled water.




Dr Alessio Lucattelli

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Dr Alessio Lucattelli (Alessio) followed an academic and practical education in medicine and he subsequently specialised in oral surgery.

  • Alessio’s career path has embodied extensive medical training coupled with the development of business skills at the Columbia Business School (US) and also in his native Italy where he completed an Intensive Business Program.
  • During Alessio’s time at the New York University medical school he participated in various emergency “outreach” programs in the Caribbean (Haiti) and in South America requiring him to perform operations in challenging environments which is when he first fully appreciated the full impact of insanitary conditions and lack of clean drinking and sterile water needed to sterilise his instruments.
  • These experiences started the evolution of the Veragon “air to water” concept having sparked Alessio’s interest in developing a new and controllable way of creating clean mineralised drinking or sterile water from the atmosphere without any reliance on traditional water sources which can be polluted, scarce and insanitary.
  • Alessio then embarked on a time and investment intensive R&D program to realise his objective of creating a tried and tested product range of air to water generators accepted by major institutions thus positioning his fledgling R&D company (Veragon Srl) in readiness for further substantial growth.