Visitors Profile

Professionals related to Independent Charity Organisations, Procurement and logistics officials of NGOs and UN agencies, Civil Defense, Traders & Exporters, Manufacturers & Distributors, Food manufacturers and emergency food, Pharmaceuticals and drugs, Temporary housing and shelter, Power generators and power supply equipment, Solar energy systems & products, Vehicles and transportations, Builders’ supplies, Educational courses & products.

Expected  Visitor Break Down

  • Traditional humanitarian organisations, including inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental bodies and organisations [40%]
  • Scientific laboratories/research institutes[15%]
  • Corporate sector [20%]
  • Military & Civil Defense [10%]
  • Academic and social science research institutes [15%]

Why you should visit

  • To meet the key decision-makers.
  • To gain a competitive advantage for your Organization.
  • To make new contacts and set up supply channels.
  • To be part of the industry and network effectively.
  • To witness the latest technological advancements.
  • To meet your existing suppliers and agents in a more informal atmosphere.
  • To compare prices.