Innovation as the backbone of development and economical progress in the corporate world is now slowly being recognized as pivotal in dealing with many of the current challenges in the humanitarian world: less resources to solve more crises. Humanitarian and Development Organisations must look for new solutions, new ways to cooperate, new ways to deliver their mission. Innovation is no longer optional.

The main question is: How does innovation happen?

And: what can you, as a leader, actually do to make innovation happen?

People come up with new ideas, your staff, your stakeholders. And the one thing that you, as the leader of and in an organisation can do to get people to innovate is, to create a culture of – TRUST.

If you want your people to think outside that famous box and come up with news ideas, they must deeply care and they must trust you and the organisation. They must know and regularly experience that being creative and bringing up often-controversial suggestions will not only not brand them as dreamers or rebels but rather that it is OK, much-needed and highly valued.

A culture of trust in an organisation is the result of its leaders consistently and deliberately applying behaviours of trust. Unbeknown to many, trust is actually a skill – the alpha of all leadership skills – and as such it can and must be learned.

Leadership for Humanitarians provides sustainable and highly applicable programs that bring forth more effective paradigms that change behaviour.

As an organization, we are unique in the way of offering customized leadership solutions developed with Fortune 500 companies yet targeted for the real-life needs of humanitarians. This hybrid approach has the proven power in changing mind-sets, leading to a significant improvement in leadership behaviours that ensure sustainable results.

In this event alongside DIHAD, we want to engage humanitarians to make building trust an explicit goal, transform the way they work with others and enhance the results they deliver.

We plan an inspiring and interactive work session in which we start by radically challenging the participants’ paradigms as they relate to the “doability” of trust in their lives and, at the same time, providing them with more effective mind-sets and tool-sets that enable them to immediately and significantly change their relationships within their teams, across organizations and with the people they work for.

More specifically, we will demonstrate how to strengthen –

  • Self Trust: how to increase confidence in oneself, forming the foundation that allows leaders to inspire trust with others.
  • Relationship Trust: By focusing on key behaviours, humanitarians will get input on how the establish, re-establish and increase trust with others.
  • Organizational Trust: We will provide an overview on how to align crucial systems to ensure that trust inspires every interaction inside and outside the organization.

To date, we have trained over 150 humanitarian leaders in a range of countries including the Congo, Jordan, Kenya, Turkey and Thailand. This has included staff from local NGOs, large international NGOs, as well as the United Nations.

Our bet it: when enough leaders posses the right mind-set, a trickle affect becomes a wave, empowering affected populations and impacting whole societies and through them, humanity itself.

We are honoured and thrilled for the opportunity to work with our humanitarian colleagues, strengthening their skills to lead and inspire trust thus re-igniting their inherent motivation and passion to achieve their organisations’ great missions.


Lydia C. Van der Brugge, MA, CEO, Leadership for Humanitarians.

Leadership for Humanitarians is an initiative led by humanitarians for humanitarians; this sequence of leadership development opportunities is offered in cooperation with Transform Lives Consulting. Leadership for Humanitarians is the only organization offering a hybrid solution: customized leadership solutions targeted to the needs of humanitarians and delivered by specialists from both the humanitarians and executive level facilitators from FranklinCovey, providing the best from both worlds.