Executive Summary

The tenth edition of the DIHAD Conference was held in Dubai from 25 to 27 March 2013 under the theme of Partnerships in Humanitarian Assistance & Development Activities. During the three days, this theme was adequately addressed from various perspectives by all speakers as well as in further discussions.

This report aims at capturing the main points from the official opening, keynote addresses, presentations during the six sessions, two special presentations, and the closing addresses. The Conference was well attended by a large range of humanitarian and development actors, specialists in their field, and by representatives of the organisations and companies participating in the Exhibition.

For ease of reference, this report follows the chronological order of the proceedings and reflects a summary of the individual presentations or addresses pertaining to each session.

In view of the wide interest for the individual presentations, these are available online under

Summary of Presentations

Day 1 - 25 MarchDay 2 - 26 MarchDay 3 - 27 March
Keynote Addresses
SESSION 1 – Partnerships in research related to critical humanitarian and development issues
SESSION 2: Partnerships; who are entering into these and why
SPECIAL PRESENTATION DIHAD, 10 years, highlights, progress to date and plans
SESSION 3: Partnerships that enhance our collective effectiveness in the field of protection
SESSION 4: Partnerships and food security; who are the players and what are the big strides being made?
SPECIAL SESSION: HUMANITARIAN TRENDS: what has changed and what lies ahead
SESSION 5: Partnerships to further strengthen disaster response operations
SESSION 6: Partnerships and the reaching of development goals in optimal timeframes
Special Presentations
Closing Addresses
Chairman’s Summary and Conclusion